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Neighborhood Park Pop Up Form

  1. Neighborhood Park Pop Up

    Stow Parks & Rec will be holding Pop Up events at neighborhood parks. Three are planned for Summer 2023. Time is 6pm - 7:30pm. Please... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Board/Commission Application Form

    Numerous residents get involved in improving the City by serving in a voluntary capacity on a City board or commission. Over time,... More…

  2. Special Event Request Form - Part I

    To request permission to have a special event on City of Stow property, parks or public space, please complete this request form at... More…

  1. Employment Application - Day Camp

    The Stow Parks and Recreation Department is hiring camp counselors for the 2023 Stow Silver Springs Day Camp. This year, the camp... More…

  2. Special Event Request Form - Part II

    This form should be filled out after an applicant has received conditional approval on their Special Event Request Form - Part I. The... More…


  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Incident Reports

    Use this form to obtain a copy of a completed and approved Incident Report.

  3. Vacation Watch Request

    The Reserve Unit provides Vacation Watches, which is an exterior security inspection of your home, while residents are gone for a... More…

  1. Citizen Interaction Form

    We want to hear from you! Use this Citizen’s Interaction Form to report an interaction with a Stow Police Officer.

  2. Stow Reserve Officers

    Reserve Officers provide a number of valuable support services for the City of Stow Police Department. They are non-sworn volunteers,... More…