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Stow Reserve Officers

  1. Currently Seeking Volunteers

    Police Officer Standing in Front of StatueReserve Officers provide a number of valuable support services for the City of Stow Police Department. They are non-sworn volunteers, although they do receive worker's compensation benefits and a small monthly stipend to cover expenses.

    Reserve Officers, regular patrol duties include: checking the homes of residents on vacation, vehicle lockouts, checking disabled vehicles, and assisting with traffic control at accidents. They also assist with weather emergencies and at special events such as traffic at high school football games, 5-K runs, and the July 4th parade.

    Candidates do not have to be city residents, but do need to be at least 21 years of age, have a valid driver's license, and are subject to a background check. Once accepted, the department provides training. Police Academy training is not required since Stow reserves are not sworn, officers.

    Candidates can pick up an application at the Stow Safety Center located at 3800 Darrow Road or fill out and submit the pre-application below.

    For more information, call Sergeant Lasko at 330-689-5715 or email Sergeant Lasko.

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