Ordinances of Interest

109.01 Sale or Other Disposition of Surplus Property

When the City receives a vehicle through a court-ordered forfeiture, the Police may dispose of the vehicle if it is not needed or useful for law enforcement purposes. If the vehicle is to be disposed of, it may be sold at public auction by the City or at an auction held by a third party auctioneer following normal advertising procedures. If the vehicle has only a scrap title and is to be disposed of, the title may be transferred to the tow or storage yard for payment due for removal and storage of the vehicle. Any funds received from the transfer of a forfeited vehicle or an abandoned vehicle are to be used to pay the reasonable towing and storage fees associated with the vehicle, and any remainder credited to the designated law enforcement account

521.10 Storage of Junk; Designation of Enforcing Authority

You may not store any junk on any property within the City limits unless it is in a building that obstructs the public's view of the junk or is in an appropriate receptacle for disposal. A vehicle is not suitable for the storage of junk. "Junk" includes vehicle parts, scrap metals, garbage, rubbish, and vehicles that are unlicensed, apparently inoperable, extensively damaged, or unfit for further use. The determination that a vehicle is apparently inoperable is based on a number factors used to determine from a visual inspection that the vehicle cannot be legally operated on the public roadway. These factors include missing or damaged safety equipment, cracked or broken windshields or windows, and missing tires and wheels.

Curfew Regulations

No minor under the age of eighteen is allowed to be in a public place; including a business opened to the public, or be in a car or motorcycle on public streets in Stow during these hours:

11 pm to 6 am, Sunday through Thursday

12 am to 6 am, Friday through Saturday

However, a minor may be in a public place during these times if they are accompanied by their parent, guardian or legal custodian; or if they are with a responsible adult over the age of twenty-one the whole time they are in a public place. Parents, guardians and legal custodians are prohibited from allowing their minor children to break this curfew regulation.

Loud Car Stereo Ordinance

Stow Code Section 509.08(b) prohibits car stereos from being operated so loudly that they can be clearly heard from a distance of 100 feet away.

Snow Fence Ordinance

Stow Code Section 1143.07 prohibits the use of snow fences for longer than five months as a substitute for a permanent fence.

Barbecue Grill Restrictions

Stow Code Section 1511.06 prohibits the use of any type of grill that produces an open flame from being used on the balcony, porch or rooftop of any multi-family dwelling with more than three units. No propane tanks may be stored within such multi-family dwellings. A barbecue grill may be used on ground level at a multi-family dwelling as long as the grill is more than fifteen feet from the nearest overhang or any other part of the dwelling.