Engineering Information and Guidelines

The following information is provided for your convenience. If you have any questions, call the Engineering Department at 330-689-2719.

  1. How to Obtain Water for New Construction
  1. Obtain a Water Permit Application Form (PDF).
  2. Complete the Water Application Form (PDF) and return it to the City of Stow Engineering Department along with a copy of your Sanitary Sewer Permit. The Sanitary Sewer Permit can be obtained at the Summit County Department of Environmental Services (D.O.E.S., Phone 330-926-2400.
  3. The Water Permit Application Form (PDF) will be processed within 3 to 5 business days. Payment for the Water Permit Application Form (PDF) is due when the permit is issued. Permits are issued Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Checks or cash only accepted.
  4. You must have your excavating contractor registered through the City of Stow to complete the waterline work. The City of Stow Engineering Department can provide you with a list of registered water excavators. If you would like to use an excavator that is not registered with the City, they must obtain a Contractor Registration Form (PDF). There is a $100 fee to register and the excavator must fill out an application using the Excavating for Water Registration Form, obtain a Right-of-Way Bond Form, and interview with the City of Stow Engineering Department.
  5. Please call the Engineering Department when you are ready for the installation of the water meter. Please allow two days for installation. Please Note: Final Occupancy inspection and approval will be withheld pending a water meter set.
  1. How to Obtain City Water if You Have Well Water
  1. Installation of an Irrigation Meter
  1. How to Split a Duplex Meter Into Two Separate Lines
  1. Downspout Replacement
  1. Replacing Sidewalks
  1. Drive Approach Replacement
  1. Culvert Replacement